Deri (deriana) wrote,

Captain Jack Harkness

My darling graymalkin asked me for a Captain Jack Harkness companion to her Doctor Who doll.
And here he is!

The handsome captain was inspired by a few images, including this one.
I very much like how I tackled the wings on his hat. Chain stitch to the rescue! =)

Although his long coat is the eye-catcher, his pilot uniform also has a few details.
The embroidered emblem didn't go well, as you can see... =(
But the hair did, though! =)

graymalkin asked that his coat's collar be turned up and that came out wonderfully.
I especially love the buttons on his shoulders. <3

She has already sent me some great photos of both her boys together, but I'm thinking of making a BIG post just with client photos. =D I've been sent many amazing photos! I'm a lucky Deri!
Tags: custom order - dolls, fiction character - dolls
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