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Fairies are invading Texas! - DeriDolls and ocasional ramblings

Jul. 7th, 2014

10:05 pm - Fairies are invading Texas!

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I have recently realized that Texas has the biggest population of fairy Deridolls in the World. =D
There is one still in transit, but here are 2 that already got there.

First, the Fairy Queen:
 photo fairy_zpsb84deebc.jpg photo FG_HalfTop_zps406c873b.jpg
If you can't tell, I tried something new for the skirt here. =) Felt doesn't drape like softer fabrics, so I always shied away from circle skirts for my dolls, but I figured out a way to make it work! Look at how lovely her skirt falls!
The wire crown, on the other hand... =P I'm a menace with pliers, but tried my best to hide the damage with silver yarn.

 photo fairy-back_zps92301adb.jpg
Back view to show off her embroidered wings. AS norm, both sides of the wings were embroidered and I can proudly say that I'm slowly improving on the symmetry!

 photo fairy-sleeve_zps914a25eb.jpg
Her outer sleeves were embroidered in the wonderful Pequinese stitch. <3

Second, Luna, an order from the lovely A. of Imaginatrium:
 photo fair3_zps73d78a4f.jpg photo 10331634_10201199243738181_864337466_n_zpsb42a6b2c.jpg
Isn't she glorious? <3
Black is terrible to capture the details, but her sleeves have black lace trim and her fingerless gloves are striped with purple.

 photo fair-back_zpsc2613228.jpg
Absolutely LOVE her wings! It was fun playing with a slightly different shape.
Again, slowl improving on my symmetry. =) I'll get there one day.

 photo fair-close_zpsde5f5b3f.jpg
Her headdress is fabulous! I did a bunch of different flower shapes and played around with deconstructed trim.
But my utmost favorite detail was her embroidered make-up. I can't get over how delicate and pretty it looks. <3

=) And A. has sent me a photo of her Luna meeting up S. and her Dewdrop for lunch!
 photo 10462955_10152109517582331_2623981327655401534_n_zpsd73b8f24.jpg


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Date:July 9th, 2014 07:48 am (UTC)
I love the eye makeup on both of them!

And the embroidery on the wings are getting better in their symmetry too *lol*
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