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La Reine Margot - DeriDolls and ocasional ramblings

Jul. 7th, 2014

10:24 pm - La Reine Margot

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The movie La Reine Margot introduced me to the beautiful Isabelle Adjani and to a level of costume porn that got my teen self to drool profusely. :)
My darling B. shares my love for that movie, so she ordered a doll inspired by one of the gowns worn by the protagonist.

 photo margot-mask_zpse06aebef.jpg photo 022-la-reine-margot-theredlist_zpsb6b84a87.jpg
This dress was the perfect excuse for me to use my damask felt for the first time. I new that day would come! =D
I didn't do it for the back, but I did my best to have the pattern properly centered for the front.

 photo margot-accessory_zpsc46c7324.jpg
The mask, of course, is removable.

 photo margot-sleeve_zps65ffc8cb.jpg
Shoulderless sleeves don't photograph well on my dolls, but I'm super proud of these ones. The top is ruched and, still, I managed to pattern match! Kudos to me! =)


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Date:July 8th, 2014 05:47 pm (UTC)
What a beautiful interpretation of Marguerite! That damask felt if just perfect for her dress, and I love love love her little mask! Brava, dear!
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Date:July 9th, 2014 07:49 am (UTC)
The patterned felt is just stunning, and you've done an excelletn job of getting it symmetrical as well.

And the gorgeous little removable mask!!
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