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Unfortunate Tudor Queens - DeriDolls and ocasional ramblings

Jul. 7th, 2014

11:07 pm - Unfortunate Tudor Queens

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And now a couple of Tudor Queens who shared the sad fate of headlessness, both orders for my darling S. in the US.

The first one is a new design for Catherine Howard, inspired by a gown worn in The Tudors.
 photo kit2_zps4506f74d.jpg photo GW216H387_zps133fbcea.jpg
I loved working with such a bright colour and flowy shapes. The golden trim, though, was a bit of a disappointment as it wasn't flexible enough to allow me to work it into the whole of the stomacher piece. =/
I am, however, VERY happy with the tiara. Everything that requires wire terrifies me, but this one's structure took the golden yarn pretty well.

 photo kit-sleeve_zps1ef79b18.jpg
=) I loved the dramatic sleeves on her.

 photo kit-skirts_zpse6056c91.jpg
Her skirts were soft enough that she could move and dance with them. =)

The second one is a new design for a Lady Jane Grey, inspired by Delaroche's heartwrenching painting.
 photo greyexec3_zps4b8c3ca8.jpg photo 800px-PAUL_DELAROCHE_-_Ejecucio3010n_de_Lady_Jane_Grey_National_Gallery_de_Londres_1834_zpsb82ba7d5.jpg
The dress is pretty simple: just a bit of detail on the corset lacing and the organza chemise layer underneath.
The black hair is a bit of a wink to Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of the character in movie.


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Date:July 9th, 2014 07:55 am (UTC)
The purple dress is lovely! I like how you have made it look like it's flared out from the dancing.

And the gold braid, and how it matches the crown.
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