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Estella - Great Expectations - DeriDolls and ocasional ramblings

Aug. 23rd, 2014

06:24 pm - Estella - Great Expectations

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An order from my darling P., here is little Estella from the most recent movie version of Great Expectations.

 photo stella2_zps80c6f78d.jpg photo stella2copy_zps81464192.jpg
AS you can see, the image didn't give me much to work from in details, but it was fun making stuff up for it! =D

 photo stella-close_zps4b0402fc.jpg
I went for a slightly military look for the bodice of her dress with the buttons and the tall collar in the front.

 photo stella-back_zps8d0676e7.jpg photo stella3_zps555417db.jpg
But the back is far from boring!
I gave her a faux fur collar to match the cuffs and tried a new version of my coiled braid hairdo, topped off by that stunning headpiece! <3


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