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Edward II - DeriDolls and ocasional ramblings

Aug. 23rd, 2014

08:05 pm - Edward II

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A new royal!!! =D I love adding new royals to my repertoire!

 photo edward2_zps37632e6e.jpg photo 10178413_248910088629263_950553373_n_zpse528e68b.jpg
Edward II, king of England in the 14th century, and absolute cutie. =) *cuddles his curls*

 photo edward-accessories_zpsf24b897a.jpg
Medieval fashion is quite plain and his tunic is only spruced up by a little embroidery and his belt. His embroidered cloak is the real centerpiece.

 photo edward-sleeve_zps936be0a4.jpg
French knots to the rescue!

 photo edward-scale_zps5eaf25f7.jpg
Wave to the commoners, sweetie! ;D


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Date:August 24th, 2014 12:18 pm (UTC)
=D lol Thank you!
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