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After a post about Marie Antoinette, this post is kind of ironic... *giggles*

 photo robes2_zps3ac3bc4f.jpg photo Robespierre_zps350bbf65.jpg
One of the big names behind the Reign of Terror that plagued Revolutionary France: Maximilien de Robespierre.
He was an absolute pleasure to make, but can you guess what made me more excited about his clothes?
The printed felt!!! =D I'm a fabric hoarder, as you may know, so having the perfect excuse to get a batch of new printed felt sheets is beyond wonderful! Squeeeeee!

 photo robes-close_zps358aedb6.jpg
Look how great his double collars look! And his cravat! <3

 photo robes-sleeve_zps28cd6dfe.jpg
He has a tiny ruffle under his sleeves.

 photo robes-scale_zpsc8e4d9d4.jpg
How can someone this cute and with such adorable curls be menacing? <3
Tags: custom order - dolls, historical - dolls

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